How are the programs developed? . . .

Spark Skill courses are thoroughly planned and developed by the administation team, Dr. Camille McCue, and our professional and collegiate instructors. They combine cutting-edge research and technology with the core foundations of the subjects.

What technology is used at Spark Skill? . . .

Our classes utilize Mac computers, Flash Forge and Gigabot 3D printers, laser cutters, a variety of hands-on tools, and professional grade software and hardware.

Do I have to enroll for all five weeks? . . .

Spark Skill courses are designed to be taken in one week increments, with the option to combine any courses that the student would like. They may be enrolled in any combination of weeks if they satisfy the prerequisites. We're happy to help you craft an enrollment plan! Just reach out to us at

What is included with tuition? . . .

  • Usage of all materials and technology
  • Projects & files to take home
  • Daily snack and hot lunch
  • Break time reserved on the fields and in the gym
  • T-shirt & water bottle
  • Secure location in Summerlin
  • Excellent, trained instructors utilizing meticulously crafted curricula
  • Tuition is the full cost of attendance. Unlike major competitors, there are no additional charges for lunch or materials.

Other Questions?

Please email us at, or fill out the form below. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.