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Las Vegas Summer Tech Camps


Las Vegas Summer Tech Camps

Las Vegas Summer Tech Camps

Spark Skill is a Vegas-based company breaking industry norms to provide top-notch educational enrichment in technology.

Held in the New 5000 Square Foot Startup Incubator

At a Secure Summerlin Campus (Las Vegas, NV)

Trained Instructors with Deep Knowledge in their Areas of Instruction

Maximum of 8 Students / Instructor

Grades 4-6, 7-9, and 9-12

Our Summer Camp Courses

Complete Curriculum       -       2017 Summer Sessions


Learning to program helps students navigate and make a difference in the digital world

Spark Skill's Think Code summer camp uses Scratch programming and hands-on activities to lay the foundation for future ventures

Spark Skill's iMake Apps program equips the intermediate coder to develop their own apps and games for iOS and Android devices

Spark Skill's Cyber Security summer course explores the basics of cryptography, worms, password cracking and more

digital design

Design drives web, app and product usability

Spark Skill's 3D Animation summer class teaches students how to create and animate digital 3D models with awesome special effects

Spark Skill's Graphics Design course enables students to use Adobe Illustrator to draw amazing digital graphics


Maker enables students to explore product development and engineering in the physical space

Spark Skill's Drone Development class works with students to develop hardware and software for their own custom quadcopter drone

Spark Skill's 3D Printing camps utilize 3D design software to develop 3D creations, which are then printed at a professional quality

Spark Skill's Robotics summer camp utilizes Mindstorms to teach the basics of robotics and engineering


Minecraft (MC) is a fun, three-dimensional, educational sandbox that enables infinite design and exploration

Spark Skill's Modding class uses the MC Vox-L game engine to develop new game elements, server commands, and graphic packs

Spark Skill's Architecture summer camp uses MC and our private server to create stunning buildings and digital Redstone circuits

Spark Skill's Nations program utilizes MC to digitally develop systems of transit, waterlines, power plants and networks, and more

Audio & Video

Spark Skill's Movie Making course guides students in writing stories, shooting video and adding effects

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