Summerlin Maker Space Location


Summer Camp Course Overview



Learning to program helps students navigate and create in the new, digital world

Think Code uses Scratch coding and a variety of hands-on activities to build the foundation for students' future ventures

iMake Apps enables the intermediate coder to develop their own, fun mobile apps and games

Cyber Security summer course delves into cryptography, ransomware, password breaking and more


Maker assists students in product development

Drone Development guides students to 3D print and program their own quadcopter drone

3D Printing camp students utilize design software to create 3D models, which students then print at an exceptional quality

Robotics summer camp utilizes Mindstorms kits to teach the essentials of robotics and engineering


Design is the basis of technology's usability, from apps, to websites, and beyond

3D Animation instructs students in designing and animating digital 3D models with incredible effects

Graphics Design enables students to use industry's Adobe Illustrator software to draw fun digital graphics


Minecraft (MC) is a fun, educational environment that fosters creative design and exploration

Minecraft Modding summer class enables students to code fun new elements, commands, and game graphics

Spark Skill's Minecraft Architecture camp uses MC and a private game server to create beautiful, functional buildings

Minecraft Nations guides students in utilizing MC to plan in-game cities and their transit and utility systems


Movie Making summer camp takes place in small groups. Students write, shoot, and edit cool videos