Tech Summer Camp in Las Vegas

One-Week-Long Technology Summer Camp Courses - Summerlin Location - Ages 9-12 & 13-15

Spark Skill is a summer camp that invites students to experience topics that they normally don't cover during the school year: coding, 3D printing, digital design. I'm in Movie Making. All sorts of STEM programs are available. I could be a director or a filmer! In my class students learn how to create their own games through Scratch, which is a coding platform. The teachers who instruct at Spark Skill are incredibly special. I want my kids to be around people who have the passion. These individuals are either expert teachers in their fields or they're university students who are majoring in their subject matter. I've been a graphic designer for the last six years. I normally teach technology. When they get really interested and excited, that's what makes teaching a really good experience. I get to work one-on-one with every student. They know their subject matter, they love the kids, and they have incredibly exciting projects that they invite the students to work on. Technology is the engine of society. Any career a child goes to they need to have some type of technology skills. We're moving to an industry where creativity is the primary skill set. At school they learn math and science, and some tech skills. We capitalize on that, but expand their horizons to think about this in a much more integrated and broad context. What I liked about it, he had done another engineering camp, and it was like twenty kids with one instructor. So, immediately, when I saw the eight-to-one ratio, I was like, "this is going to be perfect." Spark Skill instruction is hands-on and individualized. We have small classes. Our teachers work one-on-one right beside students to help them learn. The students are going to work with people who care about them. He's nice, he's awesome! For every student, there is a computer. For every student, there's a 3D printer. For every student, there's a robot. We ensure that students at any time can usethe technology without having to take turns or wait in line. Five words that would describe Spark Skill: challenging, interacting, awesome, innovative, technology, amazing, deep learning, creative, fun, kind of exploring, and sparked, sparked because the teachers will ignite in them that passion that will take them to the next level. Visit SparkSkill.com to learn more today.



Students Learn New Knowledge and Technology Skills Through Guided, Project-Based and Goal-Oriented Learning. Long Lectures are Strictly Prohibited!


Spark Skill Employees Only the Most Qualified and Engaging Instructors in Education and Technology. View Teacher Bios Alongside Summer Camp Information.


Maximize One-On-One Instruction Time and Learning With Spark Skill's Small Class Sections of Just Eight Students Per Instructor.


Every Spark Skill Student Has Dedicated Access to All Necessary Technology. Make the Most of Your Time at Tech Summer Camp, Without Waiting or Sharing.


We Utilize Industry-Grade Software Including Autodesk FUSION 360, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects, and Sublime.


Each Summer Camp Course Runs for Five Days. You May Enroll for One Week, Two Weeks, or All Three. You'll Develop an Entirely New Skill Set Every Week!


The Startup Incubator at AEC is a Spacious, Modern Technology Center That Will Spark Your Student's Creativity!

9700 Hillpointe Rd, 89134 (Summerlin)

Spark Skill is an education technology coding camp that provides top-notch technology summer enrichment programs


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11700 W Charleston Boulevard Suite 170-469, Las Vegas, NV 89135. Summer Camp Location Varies by Year, and is Found in the Camp Description. Information is Subject to Change. All Inquiries and Questions: [email protected]. We Handle Calls on an Out-Going Basis Only. Identical coupon codes and sales may renew their appearance on the website per Spark Skill administration's discretion. Prices are subject to change at any time. Price increases may be postponed, adjusted, or cancelled. Limit of one coupon code per order.
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